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Soltero Research

Physician Leadership
Cara East, MD
Medical Director, Soltero Cardiovascular Research Center
Clinical Professor, Texas A&M College of Medicine

Research Team
Merielle Boatman, MBA, BAAS
Research Manager

Kyle Bass, MD
Clinical Research Coordinator II

Pamela Coker, RN, CCRC
Research Nurse

Poupak Moshayedi, RN, CCRC
Research Nurse

JaKarsha Culton, RN, CCRC
Research Nurse

Cathy Headley, RN
Research Nurse*

Aaron Mercado-Reza, MS, BA
Clinical Research Coordinator I

Janet Jackson, BS HIM
Data Enrollment Analyst

Elizabeth Beene
Research Enrollment Analyst

LaTosha Williams
Regulatory Specialist

Shanet Stefanos, BA
Research Enrollment Analyst
Recruitment and Marketing Specialist

Jackie Clark
Administrative Assistant I

Mary Jessie Guerra
Medical Assistant

Natalia Feliz
Clinical Research Coordinator

*BHVH research studies

For more information or to reach a Soltero CV Research team, please call 214-820-2273.


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